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Diploma of Advanced Training in Medical Sciences (DFASM)

In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the second cycle of medical studies, students have access to general clinical training in a hospital environment (day clinic).


The acquisition of in-depth knowledge of physiopathological processes, pathology, therapeutic bases and prevention, and generic skills preparing for postgraduate medical studies. As well as training in scientific approach and clinical reasoning.

How to access?

Training organization

The training for the Diploma of Advanced Training in Medical Sciences takes 3 years (6 semesters and 120 ECTS):

  • 1 first year of access to health studies
  • 2 years of the general education diploma in medical sciences, equivalent to the master's level (bac +5).


First and second years

Theoretical teaching represents 492 hours organised by discipline (xx hours of lectures - xx hours of tutorials - xx hours of seminars). Students can also choose free teaching units (specific teaching or research training).

Each year, clinical teaching takes place during the 6 paid internships (7 weeks, 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks).

First year students can do a summer hospital internship abroad.

Third year (DFASM3):

The academic year consists of 102 hours of teaching, i.e. 28 hours of lectures with recommended attendance, and 74 hours of tutorials with compulsory attendance:

  • therapeutic module (integrated in the certificate of clinical competence) / 44 hours
  • critical reading of article analysis / 16 hours
  • forensic medicine module / 14 hours

Clinical teaching takes place during the 4 paid hospital internships.

Preparation sessions for the National Computer-based Grading Examination (NKEi) and mock examinations are also planned:

  • intensive review sessions
  • residency conferences
  • Preparatory ECNi

Student intranet

Access the student intranet for information on the :

  • Teaching units programmes
  • Optional teaching units choices
  • Intership choices

Public service contract (CESP)

See the application conditions for a public service contract (CESP).