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The understanding of cellular communication networks and genetic factors is at the heart of the activities, linking research to therapeutic applications.

Cellules cancéreuses (illustration 3d)

Cancer Research Centre of Marseille (CRCM)

The mission of the CRCM is to achieve effective progress in cancer biology and cancer medicine, through an innovative approach and working environment, unique in the French research landscape.

Indeed, the centre is located in the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, allowing teams to work on the interface between physiology and pathology, and creating a continuity between fundamental, translational and clinical research.

The research activities are targeting the communication networks that regulate the action of cancer cells and immune cells, and the identification of genetic alterations leading to the transformation of a healthy cell into a tumour cell.

This work has led to a better understanding of the disease, and to the discovery of new molecular targets, with diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

The centre is affiliated to Inserm (UMR1068), CNRS (UMR7258) and the University of Aix-Marseille (UM105).