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Leading research projects carried out in liaison with clinical themes (cardiovascular, neurological and musculoskeletal).

Docteur pointant avec un stylo vers le vaisseau sanguin du cerveau sur l'image IRM

Centre for Biological and Medical Resonance (CRMBM)

In the field of cardiovascular health, the activities are focusing on the development of biological markers to improve diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring (especially in case of diabetes, obesity, heart transplants, etc.).

Innovative and quantitative methods are also applied to the treatment of the central nervous system, using preclinical and clinical MRI (high and ultra-high magnetic fields, image analysis techniques, physiological and pathophysiological characterization of the brain and spinal cord).

The research conducted on the musculoskeletal system, are focusing on muscle energetics, muscle segmentation, quantitative muscle MRI and quantitative MSK MRI.

Experimental Interventional Imaging Laboratory (EIIL)

The LiiE develops research projects around interventional radiology, in connection with the clinical themes of "image-guided therapy" and "modelling".

It is integrated in the premises of the European Centre for Research in Medical Imaging (CERIMED).

Head: VIDAL Vincent