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Accessibility declaration

Established November 10, 2023.

Aix Marseille Université is committed to making its digital services accessible, in accordance with article 47 of law no. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

This declaration of accessibility applies to the Aix-Marseille Université Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences website (

Compliance status

The Faculté des Sciences Médicales et Paramédicales d'Aix-Marseille Université website is not compliant with RGAA 4.1. The site has not yet been audited.

Content not accessible


This procedure is to be used in the following case: you have notified the website manager of a lack of accessibility that is preventing you from accessing content or one of the portal's services, and you have not received a satisfactory response.

You can :

  • Write a message to the Défenseur des droits
  • Contact the Rights Defender delegate in your area
  • Send a letter by post (free of charge, do not use a stamp):

    Défenseur des droits

    Libre réponse 71120 75342 Paris CEDEX 07

This accessibility statement was created on November 10, 2023 using BetaGouv's Accessibility Statement Generator.