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Composition and missions of the governance bodies of the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

Faculty Council

The Board deliberates and votes on all matters concerning the affairs of the faculty, after consulting the specialized committees, if any, and subject to legal provisions. (See the statutes of the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences).

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee has an advisory role, in particular with regard to research policy guidelines, the creation of research departments and the distribution of research funds.

  • Composition

    Chairman: Pr. Jean-Louis MEGE

    College A:

    • ALESSI Marie-Christine
    • ANDRE Nicolas
    • AUQUIER Pascal
    • BERNARD Monique
    • KRAHN Martin
    • LAGIER Jean-Christophe
    • MAGDINIER Frédérique
    • MEGE Jean-Louis
    • MOAL Valerie
    • PERRIN Jeanne

    College B:

    • AUTIER Guillaume
    • COLSON Sébastien
    • FAURE Alice
    • FREMONDIERE Pierre
    • GIACOMINO Laura
    • HRAIECH Sami
    • KERZONCUF Marjorie
    • LETERRIER Christophe

    IATSS College:

    • BASTELICA Delphine

    Graduate students College:

    • EL AHMADI Ahmed-Ali
    • PELCE Edeline

Studies Committee

The Studies Committee has an advisory role, in particular with regard to the organization of training courses, the content of courses, and the modalities of knowledge assessment.

  • Composition

    President: Pr. Kathia CHAUMOITRE
    Administrative referent: Jean-Luc ANSALDI

    Teachers A:

    • ADALIAN Pascal
    • BERDAH Stéphane
    • Kathia Kettle
    • COURBIERE Blandine
    • DA FONSECA David
    • EUSEBIO Alexander
    • GRANDVAL Philippe
    • GUIS Sandrine
    • PELISSIER Anne-Laure
    • VITTON Véronique

    Teachers B:

    • BALZING Marie-Pierre
    • BEGE Thierry
    • COLSON Sébastien
    • DESPRES Géraldine
    • HAZBRI Djamel
    • SHE-DAY Diane
    • NINA Cécile
    • SAUVAGEON Philippe
    • TOSELLO Barthélémy

    BIATSS staff:

    • NORMANI Beatrice
    • REGE Annie


    • AUBERT Marie
    • ESPOSITO Pablo
    • DELFINO Marie
    • DIHA Sarah
    • DOMINJON Elise
    • MATHERON Karine
    • M'HATLI Mohamed
    • PIRAS Adrien
    • PREDAL Paul