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The research activities contribute to major progress in the understanding of cardiovascular disease, their factors, mechanisms, and prevention through nutrition.

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Cardio-vasculaire [Description]

Cardiovascular and Nutrition Research Centre (C2VN)

C2VN joint research unit has a leading expertise in the field of cardiovascular pathologies (thrombosis, blood platelets, adenosine, endothelium pathophysiology).

As well as in the field of nutrition, where the research focuses on the vascular risk associated with obesity and diabetes (ectopic fat imaging, effect of micronutrients, and in particular fat-soluble vitamins).

To support its studies, the C2VN follows a translational and experimental approach, with expertise in bio-banking and patient cohorts. The centre has also relies on cutting-edge platforms related to targeted pathologies. It is involved in the coordination of national and international consortia.