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The short 3rd cycle of dental studies is focused on professional practice, with a view to preparing a thesis.


The 6th year of dental studies (postgraduate short curriculum) is devoted to the global approach of the patient and to the preparation to the autonomous practice of the profession.

How to access?

The short third cycle is accessible to students who have obtained the advanced training diploma in dentistery (DFASO).

Training organization

The curriculum takes place in 1 year (2 semesters 60 ECTS), the teaching is theoretical, tutored, practical and clinical:

  • core curriculum (60 hours): in-depth study of disciplines, public health, professional integration, preparation of the thesis
  • optional teaching units (60 hours)


Students complete:

  • hospital internships (752 hours), in hospital structures
  • an active internship of induction to professional life (SAIVP) given by a dental surgeon (250 hours)

They also participate in preventive actions of general interest and/or public health.

Defense of the professional thesis

At the end of the short third cycle, students must defend a thesis in order to obtain the State diploma of Doctor of Dental Surgery:

  • the defense can be done from the second semester of the postgraduate short curriculum (TCC)
  • and at the latest, at the end of the calendar year following the validation of the TCC

Example: a student registered in 6th year in 2020/2021, can defend his thesis:

  • from February 2021
  • and at the latest by 31 December 2022