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Advanced training diploma in dentistery (DFASO)

In the fourth and fifth years of dentistry school (graduate curriculum), students receive general clinical training.


The acquisition of in-depth scientific, medical and odontological knowledge, applied to all the activities of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth, teeth, maxillae and related tissues.

Students also receive practical and clinical training, introduction to the scientific approach and to multidisciplinary teamwork.

How to access?

Find out more about the administrative registration procedure.

Training organization

The curriculum of the advanced training diploma in dentistery takes place in 2 years (4 semesters and 120 ECTS):

  • 1 first year of access to health studies
  • 2 years of undergraduate training (equivalent to the level of Licence degree / bac +3)
  • 2 years of the graduate training (equivalent to the level of Masters' degree / bac +5)

See the following organization modalities:

  • DFASO 1 - Methods of testing skills and knowledge
  • DFASO 2 - Methods of testing skills and knowledge


Theoretical courses represent 735 hours:

  • communicate with the patient, the patient's entourage, and other professionals of the health system
  • detect, prevent, ensure and maintain oral health
  • establish a diagnosis
  • design a therapeutic proposal
  • carry out and coordinate the adapted care
  • ensure the first aid procedures
  • understand the objectives of public health
  • apply the legal, deontological and ethical rules related to the future professional practice
  • to base one's professional practice on scientific bases

The students must also choose optional teaching units:

  • disciplines specific to dentistry
  • disciplines other than dentistry
  • research in the field of health

The clinical courses take place during compulsory internships in hospitals.

Access to the third cycle

Holders of the advanced training diploma in dentistery have access to the third cycle for a:

  • short cycle of 2 semesters
  • long cycle of 6 to 8 semesters for students who have passed the competitive examination for the residency program

From the 2nd semester, students can present a thesis, which allows the delivery of the State diploma of doctor of dental surgery.

Student Intranet

Access the student intranet for information on the :

  • curriculum programme
  • optional teaching units choices
  • internship choices