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State Diploma in Advanced Nursing Practice

This master's degree training prepares nurses for interventions and activities of in the field of advanced nursing practice (IPA).

Aix-Marseille University was one of the first French universities accredited to deliver this State diploma in October 2018.

Advanced Practice Nursing (API)

The advanced practice nurse has broadened skills, which fall within the medical field, for the overall care of patients entrusted by a doctor.

This may involve the prescription of complementary tests (imaging and biology), renewal and adaptation of the dosage of certain treatments, and the performance of procedures without a medical prescription.

The IPA works as a team with other health professionals to organise the care pathway and ensure regular monitoring of pathologies; and requests the intervention of the doctor for cases that are outside his or her field of competence or if the patient's state of health deteriorates.

In fact, advanced practice will strengthen :

  • analysis, which is more refined and precise
  • methodology, more rigorous
  • autonomy
  • practice, which will mobilise more tools
  • choices, which are better argued in relation to the doctor

The IPA work in an innovative form of interprofessional work, in teams with other health professionals. Thus, time is regularly devoted to exchanges, coordination and consultation on patients' cases.

They ask the doctor to intervene in cases that are outside their field of competence or if the patient's state of health deteriorates. They also refer patients to another health professional depending on their state of health.


How to access?

The training is accessible to holders of a State diploma in nursing (or a European equivalence), with at least 3 years of practice.

See the conditions of admission to the training and the university registration procedure.

Training organization

The training for the state diploma of advanced practice nursing takes 2 years at master level (bac +5):

  • first year: teaching of the common core on the basis of the exercise
  • second year: teaching related to the chosen mention.

The proposed routes are :

  • stabilized chronic pathologies, prevention and polypathologies common in primary care
  • oncology and haemato-oncology
  • chronic kidney disease, dialysis and kidney transplantation
  • psychiatry / mental health

At the end of the 2nd year, the organisation of the knowledge and skills assessment tests.

Teaching and internships


Tuition costs and financial aid

Rates per year of study :

Training is also available in continuing education: 5 278€

Internship students receive per diems and mileage allowances to cover their clinical training costs (travel, accommodation, etc.).

Student intranet

  For more information access the student intranet.

   Email :

   Email :

   Tél : 04 91 32 48 39

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