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Master in Health Management

A professionally-oriented training course, the master's degree prepares students for the management of medico-social teams and the coordination of complex care pathways.

How to access?

This master's degree is available for both initial and continuing education.

See the admission requirements for the master's degree and the university registration procedure.


The master's degree provides skills in the areas of team management and care coordination, as well as language and research skills.


Students choose both courses.

See more information on the health master's courses.

Manager and trainer in the health, medico-social and social sector

The mention helps to develop management skills based in particular on the diversity of health systems, terrains, situations, activities, institutional and social contexts.

  • Option 1 - Local environment
  • Option 2 - Trainer

Coordination of complex care pathways

The mention trains students to coordinate health care pathways in complex situations, in synergy with interdisciplinary teams and taking into account the contingencies of the health care system.

Training organization

See the model of the health master:

  • first year: common core courses
  • second year: specific lessons according to the courses

Several internships are carried out in public or private structures.

See the health master's courses.

Tuition costs

Rates per year of study :

The master's degree is available for continuing education: 4 778€

Student intranet

For more information access the student intranet.