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Health access specific pathway (PASS)

Students who wish to pursue a first year degree focusing on the health field, can apply to a PASS pathway at the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

How to access?

Applications are processed via the Parcoursup platform.

See the application process and registration procedure.

Training capacity

Each year, Aix-Marseille University defines its training capacity, in accordance with the Regional Health Agency. That is to say, the number of eligible students in each health training field.

The numerus clausus disappears as of the academic year 2020-2021.


The training programme is focused on health related topics.

Students also choose a minor in a non-health related field. It will enable them to apply to a Bachelor's degree (in second year), in case they are unsuccessful on their attempt to the PASS pathway:

  • Law, economics and management
  • Foreign and regional languages, literatures and civilizations (German, English, Spanish, Italian)
  • Humanities and social sciences (anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, educational sciences, sociology)
  • Physics, chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Life sciences, physical and sports activities (STAPS)

Schedule and training programmes


The PASS access year cannot be repeated and counts as one single chance. If they do not validate the year, the students will have to continue their studies by integrating a Bachelor's degree with health access minor (L.AS).

If they wish, they can try again to join the health curriculum, from the L.AS pathway (in year 1, 2 or 3 of the Bachelor's degree).

Student intranet

 Access the student intranet for information on the :

  • Teaching units programmes
  • Optional teaching units choices
  • Internship choices

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