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Bachelor's degree with health access minor (L.AS)

The L.AS course is proposed by the UFR of Aix-Marseille University, for candidates who wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree in a discipline other than health, while having the possibility of joining the health curriculum.

Access to training

Access to the training courses is via the Parcoursup platform.


This course corresponds to a Bachelor's degree (L1, L2, L3) in a discipline chosen by the student.
This course is offered in a wide range of licenses, covering all disciplinary fields and all AMU sites:

  • Law
  • Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to the Humanities and Social Sciences (MIASHS)
  • Philosophy, anthropology, literature
  • Portail Curie (physics, chemistry, engineering sciences)
  • Descartes portal (maths, computer science, mechanics, physics)
  • Portal management, economic and social administration, economy, management
  • Portail Pasteur (SV, SVT, chemistry)
  • Psychology
  • Language Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Science Letters

Minor health

In addition to the core curriculum of the discipline taught, students choose a "health minor" option.

This option allows them to join the health studies curriculum during their studies.

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