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Bachelor's degree with health access minor (L.AS)

The L.AS course is proposed by the UFR of Aix-Marseille University, for candidates who wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree in a discipline other than health, while having the possibility of joining the health curriculum.

How to access?

Access to the training courses is via the Parcoursup platform.

Training capacity

Les capacités d'accueil en 2ème année des études de santé ont été adoptées lors du conseil de faculté du 7 décembre 2021, de la commission de la formation et de la vie universitaire du 9 décembre 2021, et du conseil d'administration du 15 décembre 2021.

Academic disciplines

This course corresponds to a Bachelor's degree (L1, L2, L3) in a discipline chosen by the student.
This course is offered in a wide range of licenses, covering all disciplinary fields and all AMU sites:

  • Law
  • Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to the Humanities and Social Sciences (MIASHS)
  • Philosophy, anthropology, literature
  • Portail Curie (physics, chemistry, engineering sciences)
  • Descartes portal (maths, computer science, mechanics, physics)
  • Portal management, economic and social administration, economy, management
  • Portail Pasteur (SV, SVT, chemistry)
  • Psychology
  • Language Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Science Letters

Optional teaching unit "Health minor"

In addition to the core curriculum of the discipline taught, students choose a "health minor" option.

This option allows them to join the health studies curriculum during their studies.

Guidance and reorientation

Service universitaire d’insertion et d’orientation (SUIO)

Contact us for more information about the training paths or to discuss your professional goals:

SUIO contact form
Opening hours - located on the Timone site :

  • Monday, Tuesday : 9h-12h30 / 13h30-16h30
  • Friday : 9h-12h30

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