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General training diploma in dentistery (DFGSO)

The 2nd and 3rd years of dental studies aim to acquire the basic fundamental kwoledge of the undergraduate curriculum.


The acquisition of a scientific knowledge base and know-how, necessary to practice the profession of dental surgeon: disciplines specific to dentistry, medical semiology, pharmacology, biology, exact sciences, human and social sciences.

At the end of the two years training, the students are able to make a diagnosis and to conceive a therapeutic proposal in the most simple cases, to undertake a coordinated care approach and to ensure the first acts of emergency.

Training organization

The curriculum of the general training diploma in dentistery takes place in 3 years (6 semesters and 180 ECTS):

  • 1 first year of access to health studies

  • 2 years of undergraduate training (equivalent to the level of Licence degree / bac +3)

See the following organization modalities:

  • DFGSO2 - Modalities of control of the aptitudes and knowledge

  • DFGSO3 - Methods of control of aptitudes and knowledge


Theoretical courses represent 789.5 hours per year.

The care initiation must be completed. And students must present a certificate validating the internship, at their registration appointment.

Student Intranet

Access the student intranet for information on the:

  • curriculum programme
  • optional teaching units choices
  • internship choices