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Acquiring and maintaining skills in pediatric ENT

Master the specificities of pediatric otolaryngology, tackling entirely new problems in diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

  • Type of training
    Diploma course
  • Diplôme
  • Target audience
  • Discipline
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Teachers in charge
    Prof. Jean-Michel TRIGLIA
  • School
  • Présentation de la formation

    Pedagogical objectives

    Pedagogical objectives

    The aim of the course will be to master the specific paediatric features of otolaryngology, tackling entirely new problems of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in relation to :

    1. the immaturity of immune defensesthe
    2. progressive maturation of the central nervous system and psycho-intellectual
    3. functionsadvances in resuscitation that allow the survival of children with formerly fatal
    4. conditionsadvances in medical genetics and molecular labiology in the understanding of malformative pathologythe
    5. emotional cooperation of the child and his parentsthe
    6. organizational specificities for the practice of pediatric ENT

    Hearing impairment:

    • Introduction to auditory and linguistic functions (1st year)
    • Management of sensorineural hearing loss in children (1st year)
    • Infection and inflammation of the ear (1st year)
    • Malformative pathologies and communication (1st year)
    • Phonation disorders,
    • Speech and swallowing disorders (1st year)
    • Organization of pediatric ENT care (2nd year)
    • Traumatology and emergencies (2nd year)
    • Cervico-facial malformations (2nd year)
    • Inflammation and infection of the airways and neck (2nd year)
    • Pediatric endoscopy (2nd year
    • )


    • University of Montpellier-Nîmes
  • Autorisation pédagogique


    • French and foreign practitioners with an interest in the otolaryngological aspects of child care: ENT specialists, pediatricians, phoniatrists, general practitioners, school doctors and
    • PMIEFrench and foreign
    • students
    • enrolled in these different

    programsStudents who have passed the CESIU Pediatric Audiophonology can enroll in the 2nd year of this DESIU


    Educational information and admission authorizations

    Educational information and admission authorizations

    Teachers in charge
    Professor Jean-Michel TRIGLIA
    Email :
    Tél : 04 91 38 67 09 - 04 91 38 62

    Mme Marie SAVOYANT
    Email :

  • Inscription administrative


    Administrative registration information:

    Fatma FATHI
    Tél : 04 91 32 45 91
    Marine HANAOUI
    Tél : 04 91 32 46 48
    Tél : 04 91 32 43 25
    Audrey GROSSI
    Tél : 04 91 32 45 80Unité

    mixte de formation continue en santé (UMFCS)
    Bureau des DU
    Faculté des sciences médicales et paramédicales


    27 bd Jean Moulin
    13385 Marseille cedex 05

  • Informations pratiques

    Training mode

    Training mode


    • Initial training: 534 euros per
    • yearContinuing
    • training
    • : 769 euros per year