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In certain specific cases, it is possible to directly access the 2nd or 3rd year of health studies in the following fields: medicine, midwifery, dentistry, pharmacy.

Calendrier des admissions

Résultats de la commission d’admissibilité : à partir du 17 mai 2021
Dates des entretiens : deuxième quinzaine de juin 2021
Résultats de la commission d’admission : à partir du 1er juillet 2021

Note : la communication des résultats d’admissibilité et d’admission se feront sur le site internet, par email et par courrier.

Who can apply?

Certain students or professionals can apply to a second or third year of health studies without validation of the first year of access to health studies, notably holders of a :

  • master's degree
  • advanced degree or specialized graduate degree
  • engineering degree
  • State diploma of doctor of medicine, pharmacy, dental surgery, midwife, veterinary surgeon
  • national doctoral degree
  • State diploma of medical assistant in connection with a two-year full-time practice

See the decree of 24 March 2017 for admission conditions and the complete list of eligible titles and diplomas.

See also more information about the admissibility of diplomas.

Admissibility of applications

There are limitations:

  • no one can benefit from more than 2 attempts, see the count of the number of applications
  • during the same year, it is forbidden to apply to more than one education establishment and/or field
  • the selection board is the sole decision-maker for assigning candidates to the 2nd or 3rd year.

There are also specific admission requirements for each field:

Applications are assessed by the Montpellier examination centre, which covers the South-East region.

Application forms

Candidates submit a file to the faculty where they wish to study.

Applications can be :

  • hand-delivered to the education service no later than 13 March 2020 at 4pm.
  • or sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt (RAR), postmarked no later than 15 March 2020.

To be attached to the application form:

Read also the guidelines for preparing the admission file.


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