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The training of midwives is accessible through a competitive examination. In some cases, specific admission channels are also possible.

Health Studies Access Competition (MMOPK)

In 2019-2020, 10 places are available for students wishing to enrol in the midwifery course, with a view to obtaining the State Midwifery Diploma.

These places are reserved for students who :

  • have been enrolled in the first year of health studies in the field of medicine, at the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences of Aix-Marseille ;
  • and have obtained at the end of the competition an average mark of not less than 10/20.

Applications will be dealt with in order of merit: applications will be dealt with according to the competition's ranking, within the limit of the 10 places available. Candidates ranked in order of usefulness :

  • must apply to the person in charge of occupational therapy training - email:
  • accompanied by an identity document
  • within 10 working days after publication of the second semester results.

Gateway Admissions

See the conditions of access to health studies in case of specific admissions (bridging admissions, right to remorse), supporting documents, recommendations, examination of applications and the numerus clausus.

The application files must be:

  • hand-delivered to the schooling department of the Ecole de Maïeutique
  • sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt and postmark

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