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What services are available to students with disabilities.

Disability service office

Aix-Marseille University welcomes and supports students with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, dyslexia or long-term disabling health problems.

Students must report as soon as possible to the disability service office of the campus:
Tel: 04 13 94 27 95

The office provides educational, competitions or exams accomodations, and follows up on administrative procedures.

Competition or exams accomodations

    Disability prior to registration

    Students are required to report their situation and need for accommodation to the department of education no later than 6 weeks before the exam or competition:

    • PACES competition - application deadline: 29 October 2020 for the December 2020 competition / 7 April 2021 for the May 2021 competition
    • written exams PASS / minor health licenses - application date: 26 October 2020 for the December 2020 exams / 8 March 2021 for the April 2021 exams

    Disability during the year

    The student must report to the department of education within 10 working days after the event that caused the disability (except in cases of force majeure) with a medical certificate.

    Doctoral disability contracts

    Fundigs can be granted to students with disabilities who have a thesis project. They must be beneficiaries of the 'obligation d'emploi' (B.O.E.) in order to be able to apply.

    Email :
    Tel : 04 42 17 25 21

    Sport and disability

    Whatever the type of disability, it is possible to practice a physical activity:

    • with the support of a student from the Faculty of Sports Science, adapted physical activity and health (APAS) program.
    • in free practice, with tools and teaching aids at your disposal

    Fill in the sports and disability registration form to be sent to the campus disability mission.