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Go on mobility with CIVIS and discover this new "European University" and its 400,000 students.

An alliance of European Universities

Since 2019 Aix-Marseille University is part of an alliance of 8 universities in Europe grouped together to form a true inter-university and multidisciplinary campus.

More information on the CIVIS programme - A European Civic University.

Who can go?

The CIVIS mobility programme is open to students, academics, researchers and staff.

How to go on the move?

  1. Contact your pedagogical advisor 'International Relations' and your international mobility manager.
  2. Fill in your online application on the MoveON platform. You can make up to 3 choices of destinations among the 7 partner universities.
  3. In the MoveON platform, download the documents necessary for the examination of your application: university transcripts, CV, cover letter, 1 draft study contract per selected destination.

Your application will be examined by your faculty (internal pre-selection); then submitted to the CIVIS partners for (in)validation. Only the validation of your application by the partner will be considered as acceptance of your mobility.

Note: applying to the CIVIS program authorizes participation in the other mobility programs. In case of selection for a CIVIS destination, any current application for another program will be cancelled.