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Master in Public Health (SESSTIM)

The Master's degree enables students to acquire skills in medical information processing applied to the fields of health research, development aid and information systems.

The master's degree is provided in collaboration with the joint research unit Health Economic and Social Sciences and Medical Information Processing (SESSTIM).

How to access?

See the conditions for admission to the master's programme and the university registration procedure.

The master's degree is carried out in collaboration with the joint research units for social and economic sciences of health and medical information processing (SESSTIM).


Students choose all three pathways.

Quantitative and econometric methods for health research (MQERS)

Students are trained in research in quantitative methods (biostatistical modeling, economic modeling, econometrics), to process medical information is increasing in complexity.

Validation of the master's degree allows students to continue the university curriculum with a doctoral thesis.

Public health society development (SPSD)

The training provides a systems approach to health assessment and development in developing countries, with limited resources, or with vulnerable populations.

Expertise and engineering of health information systems (EISIS)

Students receive in-depth training in the design of information systems for medical purposes (mastery of technologies, use of information and knowledge).

Validation of the master's degree allows them to continue their university course with a doctoral thesis.

Training organization

See the model of the medical humanities master:

  • first year: common core curriculum and specific courses
  • second year: specific lessons according to the courses

Several internships are carried out in public or private structures.

Tuition costs

Rates per year of study :

The master is available for continuing education: 4 058€


    Informations complémentaires sur les formations :

Student intranet

For more information access the student intranet.