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Multidisciplinary training in the field of brain sciences


The Master's degree allows students to acquire specialized skills in neurosciences, and to cover all important fields (molecular, cellular, integrated, or cognitive levels).

Students are trained in research methodologies to work independently or in teams, in French or English.

Master neurosciences

How to access?

This master's degree is available for both initial and continuing education.

It is intended for students in science, health, psychology, who have knowledge about :

  • the nervous system and neuronal functioning
  • major physiological functions
  • the modalities of treatment and transfer of nervous information
  • the general anatomical organization of the peripheral and central nervous system.

See the conditions for admission to the master's programme and the university registration procedure.


Students choose between two courses:

  • Research neurobiology neurophysiology neuropathology (N3)
  • Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN)

Training organization

See the model of the master neurosciences :

  • first year : common core courses and specific courses according to the course (possibility of pre-selection).
  • second year : common core courses and specific courses according to the course (taught in English for some mentions).

Several internships are carried out in public (university, CNRS, INSERM) or private (company, start-up) research structures, or internationally in a partner university.

See the programme of the Master in Neurosciences.

Tuition costs

Rates per year of study :

The master's degree is available for continuing education: 4 058€

Student intranet

For more information access the student intranet.

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