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How to apply for a position of University professor or lecturer, in liaison with a position of hospital practicioner (PU-PH or MCU-PH).

Recruitment by competition

University Professor - Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH) and University lecturer in hospital practice (MCU-PH) are recruited through national competitive examinations on the basis of qualifications and organised by discipline.

Recruitment conditions are set every year by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

See recruitment conditions and candidate profiles on the National Management Centre (NMC) website.

Recruitment by appointment

Staff are appointed by joint decision of the management of the university hospital centre and the management of the UFR concerned.

Profile of the candidates, for the status of :

  • university hospital practitioners (PH-U), have completed at least 2 years of effective service as CCA or AHU
  • university hospital clinical directors-assistant to hospitals (CCA), hold a diploma of specialized studies (DES) (or validated internship for recruitment by competitive examination for years prior to 1984)
  • university hospital assistants (AHU), have a PhD degree for 3 years.

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