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The training of masso-physiotherapist is accessible after the first year of selection, by bridging admission or by equivalence of diploma.

Health studies access competition (MMOPK)

The physiotherapy training takes 4 years, to obtain the State Diploma of physiotherapist.

In order to be admitted students must:

  • to have been admitted at the end of the first year of access to health studies (MMOPK) in the physiotherapy program
  • be 17 years old on 31 December of the year of the classification tests (no age exemption is granted). There is no upper age limit.

Partial competition exemptions

Some students may be exempted from the monitoring and validation of part of the teaching units because of their previous university course.

Admissions passerelles et équivalence de diplôme

  • Special admissions

    Partial exemptions from schooling are possible for holders of certain diplomas.

    7 places are available (5% of the capacity) for the academic year 2021-2022.

    1. Holders of one of the following diplomas:

    • nursing state diploma
    • state diploma in pedicure-podiatry
    • state diploma in occupational therapy
    • state psychomotor diploma
    • State diploma in medical electro-radiology manipulator and higher technician diploma in medical imaging and therapeutic radiology
    • competency certificate as a speech therapist
    • certificate of competence as an orthoptist
    • general education diploma in medical sciences
    • Diploma of general training in maieutic sciences
    • diploma of general education in odontological sciences
    • general diploma in pharmaceutical sciences

    2. Holders of a bachelor's degree in the following fields:

    • sciences
    • sciences with special emphasis on science and technology of physical activities and sports (STAPS)
    • technologies
    • health

    3. Holders of a master's degree diploma.

    4. Holders of the diplôme de formation générale en sciences médicales (DFGSM) having completed and validated all the teaching units of cycles 1 and 2.


    If their file is admissible, candidates for bridging admissions are called for an admission interview.

    The complete file must be sent by post only before January 31, 2020. Any incomplete file will be rejected:

    • 1 registration form
    • 1 curriculum vitae
    • 1 copy of the valid national identity card
    • 1 copy of degrees and diplomas obtained (including BAC + BAC transcript)
    • 1 cover letter
    • 1 medical certificate attesting that the student does not present any physical or psychological contraindication to the practice of the profession - see the list of approved doctors in the PACA region
    • 1 ODA certificate and 1 census certificate
    • 1 additional information sheet
    • 1 cheque of 80 euros for application fees payable to : Regie IFMK - Mention on the back of the cheque your: name, first name, Masso-Kinésithérapie 2020, UFR 913

    Note: regardless of the result or reason for absence from the tests, the application fee will not be refunded.

  • Diploma equivalence (outside the EU)

    Partial exemptions from schooling are possible for holders of a title or diploma of physiotherapist:

    • obtained outside a Member State of the European Union, a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, the Principality of Andorra or the Swiss Confederation
    • subject to passing the selection tests (1 eligibility test and 2 admission tests).

    3 places can be allocated (2% of the total number of students) for the academic year 2020-2021.

    Applications must be submitted by 28 February 2020.

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