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Applicants for a university doctorate must meet eligibility criteria and follow a specific procedure.

Candidate Profiles and Prerequisites

Candidates must hold a national master's degree (or a master's degree diploma), at the end of a course of training or professional experience establishing their aptitude for research.

Indeed, candidates benefiting from the validation of acquired experience (VAE) may be eligible, by dispensation from the Dean and on the proposal of the Doctoral School.

Prerequisites are also specified by each Doctoral School (conditions of scientific, material and financial resources).

Application forms

First of all, candidates for a first year doctoral degree should identify a Doctoral School, and contact a research unit in order to find a thesis director.

They must determine a thesis topic, with the agreement of the future thesis director. And make sure that the subject has not already been defended or in preparation by another doctoral student.

Applications are sent to the Doctoral School, which determines their admissibility.