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Applicants for an HDR must submit a file and make a presentation of their research work.

Candidate profile

To apply for an Habilitation to Conduct Research (HDR), candidates must hold:

  • a PhD
  • or, a doctoral degree allowing the practice of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine and a diploma of advanced studies
  • or, a master's degree in research
  • or provide proof of a diploma, work or experience of a level equivalent to a PhD (in particular for holders of a degree in engineering supplemented by other work or full-time teaching and research activity of at least 5 years).

Submission of applications

Applications are sent to the scientific committee, HDR office.
Tel : 04 91 32 43 05

The application may be submitted to only one institution per academic year (candidates who have already been registered for this degree at another institution are required to mention it).

Registration is valid for one academic year (until 31 December of the year in +1 and is subject to the collection of university fees).

Supporting documents

All parts must be supplied in one copy:

  • application form for authorisation to enrol, completed and including the tutor's reasoned opinion
  • manuscript written at 80%, including a synthesis of scientific activities and projects (essential for the assessment of research leadership skills):

- bringing to light the experience in the animation of research (putting into perspective the scientific path through an epistemological reflection on its fields of research, methodology, questions and major contributions).

- Presenting current and future directions and possible involvement in the supervision of student work.

- detailed (must include only scientific work)

  • list of publications
  • résumé
  • photocopy of the thesis defence report
  • a substantial body of original work in relation to the thesis (published or forthcoming work or articles)

Note: the candidate will subsequently be responsible for forwarding a copy of his/her manuscript (including a summary of his/her work) to each of the appointed rapporteurs and to the members of the jury.

Evaluation of applications

Applications are examined by the president of the university who decides on a proposal from the scientific council sitting in restricted formation.

Candidates should allow a total of 4 months between the submission of the application and the oral presentation of the work. An accreditation procedure may take up to seven months.

Candidates cannot use the timetables imposed for registration on the qualification lists to obtain shorter deadlines.

See the stages in the processing of an application file

Presentation of the work

The candidate makes a presentation of his or her work to the jury, which is followed by a discussion.

The jury examines the candidate's merit, assesses his or her ability to design, direct, animate and coordinate research and commercialization activities, and makes a decision on the granting of accreditation.

The president of the jury, after obtaining the opinion of the jury members, prepares a report which is communicated to the candidate.

The oral presentation of the work is public, see the notices of presentation of the work of HDR.