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State diploma in nursing

Training for the State Diploma in Nursing is provided by the Nursing Training Institutes (IFSI) in partnership with the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

Admission to the training is based on a competitive examination:

  • 1 written eligibility test
  • 1 test of psycho-technical tests
  • 1 oral admission test

According to the results of the tests, each IFSI constitutes a main list and a complementary list for the admission of candidates.
In the event of success in the admission competition, students must proceed with their administrative registration.
Registration for the admission competition

Registration for the competition

Registration for the entrance exam is managed by the IFSI:
List of the IFSI of the South PACA region

Most institutes in the PACA region organize the competition in a coordinated manner, with the same exam dates and registration schedules.

Within this framework, candidates may express two choices of establishment :

  • IFSI choice 1: where the selection tests take place - withdrawal of the registration file on the spot
  • IFSI choice 2: possibility of admission if the candidate is not received on the IFSI main list choice 1 - applications by post