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Computerized National Ranking Test (ECNi)

The ECNi competition gives access to postgraduate medical studies, allowing candidates to obtain an assignment as an intern.


The second cycle ends for all students with national ranking tests (ECNi).

The ranking at the end of the tests shall be taken into account for access to the 3rd cycle at :

  • the national procedure for choosing the discipline and the university hospital centre of affiliation
  • the procedure for choosing traineeships.

Preparation for the ECNi

Preparation sessions and mock exams are scheduled in the 3rd year of the Diploma of Advanced Training in Medical Sciences (DFASM).

Students also have access to a personalized environment via the Distributed Health Assessment Information System (SIDES), to train freely under the conditions of the event.


The tests are based on the graduate medical curriculum.

They are held on digital media, and are subject to automated correction.

  • progressive clinical record review test / 70% of final grade
  • multiple-choice single-question test / 20% of the final mark

Critical reading test with multiple choice questions (clinical and pathophysiological orientation) / 10% of the final mark.

Student intranet

For more information access the student intranet .